Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sweet and Unsweet Cancer!

During any illness or disease, eventually the question of nutrition comes into play. Though I am not a health-nut, I don't exactly eat the way I should either. I was told that I needed to meet with a nutritionist, to assist me in my daily meals to ensure I helped fight all that was bad within my body.

My @FighterGal tweet: I should wear all black today. Today all my food choices die.

During the first meeting, the nutritionist gave me all her credentials, accreditation's and certifications. I could care less. I didn't want someone to tell ME how and what to eat. This nutritionist, renamed to protect her identity, Healthga (pronounced Helga) was adamant about my poor eating habits.

Helga: "What do you like to eat."
Me: "Chicken, pizza, shrimp, vegetables, rice, potatoes..."
Helga: "What do you like to drink?"
Me: "Sweet Tea, Dr. Pepper..." She interrupts me.
Helga: "You can't eat that way anymore."
Me: "Huh? Pardon?"
Helga: "I need to detox your system. Your toxic and you need a juicer. "
Me: "What? Who are youuuuuuuu????"

My @FighterGal tweet: I never felt this frustrated with a conversation about food. I feel like Helga is talking mean about a good friend. All this talk is really making me hungry... and I want a sweet tea! sigh.

I knew this couldn't be any worse. Not only was I told I couldn't eat the foods that make me so happy, but I have to drink them! She provided me a list of foods recommended both for healthy and holistic dieting. Yes, she used the word diet. Among the list were beets, apples, carrots, spinach, garlic. These were required to assist in detoxing my system and were recommended within a drinkable state. Belch.

Did I do it? Yes. Did I like it? No. One week was nothing but drinking juice and being on a BRAT type diet. The following week consisted of immune foods such as onion, avocado, spinach and cranberries. Helga is not considered the most likable person on my journey. As much as I despise visiting with her, I do listen to her.On days that I don't go and attempt to cancel my appointment, she calls and still checks on my eating regime.

At the initial consultation meeting, she informed me of my greatest weakness of all. The word NO. It was NO sugar, NO salt, NO sweets, NO sodium, NO tasty yummy foods that you like, NO, NO, NO. Helga explains how cancer feeds off of sugar. It's true, sugar can help cancer grow. The cells love it. No wonder they love me, it's like a sugar cane party inside my body! One may not realize how many foods have some sugar in it until you are prohibited from consuming it.

Sugar goes by many names. They hide within these form hoping you cannot recognize them. Names such as aspartame, neotame, sucarlose, acesulfame, cyclamates, saccharin, etc. all exist and are big NO-NOs to my diet. Sweeteners such as stevia and xylitol are natural sweeteners that can be included positively within your diet.

After detoxing, raising immune, and eating stuff that grows out of the ground, my nutrition HAS changed. In addition to chemo and radiation, I am helping my body fight. Currently, I have an extremely low red blood cell count - you can't tell. If it wasn't on a chart, you wouldn't believe it. My energy is great. My spirit is high and I am content.

It's important to know the impact that nutrition has on any level. Whether you are healthy or ill, it's important to monitor what you consume. Never did I think of the impact that a refreshing sweet tea could have negative effects within my body. I am not telling you that you have to juice your foods (though it is easier to throw up), but I am telling you to put good into your body. For, if you put good into your body, than good shall come out of it! For now, my cancer will be unsweet cause the sweetness isn't worth it! Pick your poison, sweet or unsweet?

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