Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Named My Special Spot!

After dealing with both the cryosurgery and the LEEP procedure, I was worn out. I had undergone coldness and heat in my "special spot" and all at the same time. In my life, I have never had so many people pay attention to such an area of privacy. It was almost to the point of feeling violated.

My results came back positive for squamous cell carcinoma in both pelvic and cervix regions. I was diagnosed at a stage 3 and informed the 5 year survival rate is approximately 25-45%. I was then told that radiation three times a week would be next on my journey.

My radiation consists of an external beam laser which "targets" the bad cells and zaps them over time. This process is done, in hopes of shrinking the tumors.

As I started to think about, I realized the show I would be putting on three times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I would be exposed from the waist down, to not one, nor two, but a team of doctors assigned to me. If there is any other word than uncomfortable to explain this feeling, please insert it now.

During one of my visits, the suggestion to name my "special spot" was given. I thought about many names such as Gina (pronounced jigh-nuh), V-G, Vag-Jay Jay, Kitty, etc. But then it occurred to me the previous recommendation I was given on what NOT to do to my "special spot."

Don't douche.
Don't use tampons.
Don't have sexual intercourse.
Basically don't do anything!
And then it came to me! She shall be named CHASTITY! She will not be permitted to engage in such actions to proclaim otherwise. When I confronted the team upon my decision, they laughed. "It's perfect!", Chastity, it is!

Having radiation that day was different.
Tech: "OK, Now I'm gonna move Chastity just a little to the left. Keep her still for me, OK."
Me: "You got it."
Tech: Zap. Zap. Zap.

Gee, why didn't I think of this before? This humor helped so much! It kept the tension away. It created a comfort zone. It changed the relationship from doctors and technicans to cheerleaders and supporters. Creating laughter for at least ten minutes a day can stimulate your body to fight infections and boost killer cells. This can cause a pain delay between 2-12 hours! Just adding a name to my "special spot" changed everything.

Chastity was colored on (for beam precision), she was frozen, LEEPed, poked, scraped and looked at with flashlights and detailed. Chastity was on display. It's nice to know when I go to my appointments, that I am not alone. I walk in, ready to fight, as Chastity follows ready to sustain anything.

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