Saturday, April 3, 2010

HAIR Today - Gone Tomorrow!

Are you a part of the in-group? I am! I have now joined the group of many a lady who proudly walk around beautiful, bold and well - bald.

I must admit that the process is 100% life changing. I never imagined that I would be joining a group of baldness with ladies such as Halle Berry, Sigourney Weaver, Sinead O'Connor, Demi Moore, etc. The difference was simply that I wasn't ready for my head to be bald. I'm not a star in a movie, a famous singer nor do I have any plans on auditioning for Coneheads! I am merely a cancer patient undergoing a treatment so strong that my hair has fallen out.

I have both heard and read stories of individuals awakening to hair on pillows, chunks in hands, strands in sinks, etc. The first day that a little fell out- I WAS DONE. I wasn't gonna wait for the rest of the journey for something that was out of my control. I took myself to the salon and asked for my head to be completely shaven. My hairdresser was equipped and ready, as was I. Being a 28 year old lady and having your hair cut and shaven is not an easy process. I was OK until I heard the buzz from the clippers. When the buzz started, so did my tears. It's hard to fight against something so vain that we consider as such an image within life. I prayed for a bad hair day - anything but a NO HAIR DAY fared better!

I decided that yes - bald is beautiful, however; my head feels so naked and cold at times. I was OK with comparisons to Halle Berry and even old GI Jane - but once I heard the Britney Spears comparison (sigh), I was ready for a change. I decided for the extreme makeover and began experimenting with wigs. Black, brown, sassy, straight, curly - I've tried them all! I've come to enjoin this wiggy world we live in. I no longer have to spend hours straightening and prepping my hair. Now, I wake up put my wig on and I'M DONE within MINUTES! Humidity? Not over here! Your worried about your hair frizzing and I'm only concerned my wig stays ON!

Regardless of my new wig life - everyday, I check my head. I have little stubs growing slowly but surely. I am told that chances are my hair will return thicker and stronger than before. I'm excited about my hair growing and massage my scalp daily (they say it helps). Though I think I had more hair at my BIRTH, I am pleased with the outcome thus far. It will be a VERY long time before I ever cut or trim my hair again. All I must say, is I had thick hair before - so if you see a random crazy lady walking with long and REALLY REALLY think hair that refuses to cut it - it'd probably be me!

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