Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fighting 13.1 Miles IS Fighting Cancer!

A marathon remains at 26.2 miles. Crossing San Antonio from north to south or east to west is about that same mileage. Half that, is a half-marathon at a grand 13.1 miles. It is a trip to the mall or even a friends house. Not too bad.

Doc says that exercise is good for cancer. He explains the multiple benefits that exercise has on one's body. Exercising is NOT only about losing weight. It's about improving your mood, fighting diseases, managing your weight, increasing your energy, helping you sleep, boosting your knowledge, reducing depression, relieving symptoms of PMS, oxygen circulating your body, increasing your heart rate for your health, and strengthening your muscles.

It's not easy to get motivated to exercise. Better yet, life happens and we can't exercise. We don't have the time nor the energy to hit the gym or even the streets to have a stroll. We have families to feed, children to chauffeur, friends too tend to alongside other obligations.We WANT to exercise but just don't have the time.

Here is the reality- you DO have time! You have time to sleep in, 1 hour lunches, drinks with friends, dinner with colleagues, etc. You rush home at 5:00 PM to make dinner, eat, deal with children and their homework and then? Let me guess? Your tired. You don't feel well. Your sick? You have a life threatening illness? Perhaps cancer or such?There are a million excuses yet only one answer... Just do it!

If you haven't figured it out, I am fighting cancer. At stage 3 with a low blood count, I participated in the Rock Roll half-marathon. Doc told me daily exercise along with being outside is great for cancer. Doc recommend against 13.1 miles, but I am a hardheaded and stubborn @FighterGal.

I ran with my father/nurse/coach whom supported and encouraged every step and breath I took. It took me 3:26:00 to run 13.1 miles. Though this is not the winning time, it is my time of completion. After 8 miles, I was beyond ready to call it quits. My father encouraged me to keep running, walking and even staggering until I finished my goal. I complained over foot pain, tiredness and even pulled the cancer card, but dad reminded me that I wanted to run this half-marathon. I wasn't ready to get beat by my dad, with or without cancer.

Exercising is about life. It is the accomplishment of a goal that will only better you. If I can complete a goal of 13.1 miles, what is prohibiting you from running 1 mile? Not a runner? Get outside and walk, do some free weights, crunches, sit-ups or partake in a gym membership. Still not for you? Perhaps a yoga class, bikram yoga, cycling class, etc. Still clueless? Blah - stop making excuses - you'll figure it out! The time is now! You shouldn't need a watch to realize how precious time is! It's not about proving anything to anyone but yourself! So prove to yourself to live life! Live with no regrets and laugh the whole way through

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