Saturday, April 3, 2010

Deadline is Approaching! What's on your Bucket List?

It's true! WE are ALL going to DIE! One day, somehow, somewhere. This is the truth.

It's a harsh reality to understand the concept of death, but we are present on this earth with the knowledge that death will bestow upon us at some point. When one is told of an illness that has a timeline upon it - the reality of death hits harder. Questions approach us more about life, purpose and even presence.

It's usually when one becomes sick, diagnosed with an unforgiveable disease, or even ages within life that a certain "list" becomes created. This list is often referred to as a bucket list as it explains goals that one would like to accomplish before "kicking the bucket." It's important to understand that YOU should'nt wait till you are at the hospital at 3AM fearing for your life to start a bucket list. There are reasons you should start one TODAY!

Bucket lists help us determine the goals and wishes that we desire to accomplish before our day of demise. It is important to write such a list as it adds a defined purpose to your life. It is simple. At any age, a bucket list can be created. Here is an example of goals written by a kindergartner:

A Kindergartner's Bucket List:
1) Have a turtle as a pet
2) Eat cake - for breaksfast
3) Have a TV in my room
4) Learn to drive a car
5) Meet Hannah Montana/ Jonas Brothers

The reality is ALL of this CAN happen. It is NOT because this is a child's list that makes such goals feasible, but because they are attainable goals! Bucket Lists always have goals that are feasible and CAN be accomplished!. YOU MUST EMPLOY ACTION TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS. The first thing to do is begin to make your list. A simple sheet of paper and a pen will suffice. You can even utilize a napkin found at a restaurant for those quick and random thoughts. You do not need to install any programs, nor upload any files - all you need is your inner-self escape and say, "I wish I could...", "I wanna go to...", "I always wanted..." (fill in the blanks.) After completion of your list, you set forth action to accomplish your goals. It is that simple: write a list of goals and complete the list.

After my diagnosis, I started a bucket list. I began with the simple desires of travel. I slowed down when I decided I wanted to own a sock monkey. Everyone is different. It isn't about out-doing another, but learning how to become and discover yourself! A bucket list is about taking your desires and turning them into lifetime memories and accomplishments.

Some of my more random goals...
* straddle the equator
* grow and eat my own veggies (too bad I don't have a green thumb!)
* attend a hockey game - and watch the players fight
* be a mime for a day
* ride a camel
* hit a home run
* get painted like the men in the blue men group
* see the statue of liberty - and then walk up her stairs
* yes, own a sock monkey!

My point?! Some of you may have accomplished items on my list. That's what makes us all different. It's not about anybody else but yourself. So often we spend our lives putting others first that we forget about ourselves only to realize we have sheltered our true desires. Don't wait till you get diagnosed or age to live life! Call your loved ones, build relationships and explore life! We only live once so live life and adventure everywhere within your own journey! Go make your list and get ready to check it off before your deadline comes! Start doing things that make you feel alive, that draw you towards your future and your happiness! Live with no regrets and laugh the whole way through. <>

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