Saturday, April 3, 2010

Become a FAN of Cancer!

Radiation. Chemo. Not enough blood cells. Stress. Lack of exercise. Cancer. I feel like I have more than enough reasons not to sleep. My body is weak. My body is tired. My body is worn out from trying so hard to fight. Cancer can wipe you out. It can leave you physically drained and mentally unable to complete even the basic tasks. Having the feeling of tiredness and fighting fatigue is a task within itself.

My @FighterGal tweet: How am I still sleeping? I think I've slept more in the last 24 hours than I've been awake.

Sadly, sleeping doesn't bring relief. According to the American Cancer Society fatigue affects many cancer patients. Over 90% of patients will experience fatigue durning chemotherapy or radiation treatments. At times, there may be physical causes of fatigue, like infection or pain that disrupts sleep. Symptoms include feeling tired or weary even after sleeping, lacking energy to do regular activities, having trouble concentrating, feeling negative, irritable, impatient or unmotivated, and spending a lot of time in bed.

My @FighterGal tweet: Blah. I'm so tired of being tired. #cancersucks

What to do? It's time to become a FAN of cancer. If you want to fight it then use the FAN theory against the flames. How does one become a FAN of cancer? It's simple.

Faith - Have faith in yourself. Create a positive outlook upon your health.

Activity - Increase your physical activities. Your body wants to more. The more you decide to be sedetary the harder it is to fight. By simply moving, you are helping to get your blood and oxygen moving thus allowing your body to fight.

Nutrition - I know at times it is difficult to eat (and hold down ANY foods). Try and feed your body plenty of fruits and vegtables. There are many items within these two food groups that provide anti-oxidants and plenty of cancer-fighting assistance!

Having cancer isn't easy! We are not given the choice on whether or not to have it. We are given the choice to FIGHT IT! It was easy for me to sleep through my days, but I ended up missing the world around me. Wake up and FIGHT! Carry your faith, get some fresh air and EAT! It only hurts if you don't try!

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